Our primary focus is on sourcing local produce. Most of the items in the bag are grown organically but not always. Oahu Fresh produce is always local and we know the farmers that we source from.

To be certified by the USDA, not only do you need to follow a certain set of growing practices, you also need to complete a series of record-keeping processes to be able to prove to a 3rd party auditor that you are properly following the organic guidelines established by the USDA. This also involves paying annual fees and can be time consuming, leading many small, local farms in Hawaii to grow with organic practices but rather than going through or continuing their USDA Organic certification. Only a handful of farms, especially on Oahu, are certified organic, such as MA’O Farms or Small Kine Farms.

Other farms do use petro-chemical fertilizers or insecticides depending on the need.  Part of the challenge of farming in Hawaii is there is no frost season as you have in the continental US that kills off most of the growing pest population, allowing your fields to get a natural break.  The benefit is having a year round growing season, however pest problems are growing year round as well! Certain crops are highly susceptible to pest problems including tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons.  Farms such as Ho Farms, do use fertilizers and sprays as needed.  Interestingly enough, as of May 2016, the farm is trying a new line of certified organic products.  According to Shin, the farm’s Operations Manager, they need to determine if they are able to make money before they transition completely to organic, which to any business, is extremely important.

By having our focus on local farms, we work with a variety of farms using different growing practices.  The one common connector is that the farms we work with are using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) which applies to both certified organic and conventional growers. GAP controls the practices of the farm by regulating planting methods, following all guidelines for any fertilizers or pesticides (organic & conventional) used as well as treatment of farm workers.

A one-time membership fee that covers the cost of bags and any administrative costs.
Yes you can!  We have a Make Your Own Bag option where you can choose from a list of products.
You don't need to be home, as long as there is a delivery note that authorizes our driver to leave the bag (you may specify where). Otherwise, your bag will be brought back to Oahu Food Hub and be available for pick-up at our warehouse throughout the week from 9am to 5pm.
With our new routing software and integrated dispatch app, you will get a text when your driver is loading up at the warehouse and a GPS link to track your driver when they leave the warehouse. Then you will receive a notification when your driver is on their way to your stop as well as their contact information to relay any delivery instructions. If you leave a note on your account that allows our drivers to leave your bag at a designated spot, they will take a photo of where it was dropped off. Once the delivery is completed, you can rate your driver through the tracking link as well as tip them through our tipping option while ordering online. 
If you are at the pick-up site, please ask to see the delivery list. A list of members who are scheduled to receive bags is provided to each site. If you are not on that list or if you don’t receive your bag at your home/office, please call (808)476-7550 or email support@oahufresh.com.
We do our best to deliver your produce in fresh, edible condition. If something is not up to par, please contact us by phone or email and let us know. We will do our best to either replace the item or provide you with a credit.

You can put your delivery on hold by logging into your account. Click on 'My Account' at the top-right of the menu bar, and select 'Delivery Hold' from the drop down menu. From there, you can choose a date range and confirm you delivery hold(s) by clicking the green 'Add Vacation' button.



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